TikTok Ban has been Delayed

A U.S federal court has delayed the ban on TikTok, and it will not go on effect from this Monday.

This delay in banning TikTok will help American users to continue using this popular video app, while the court considers the legal aspect of the ban, and if the app poses a legitimate risk to the national security as claimed by the Trump Administration.

Since the last few months, the U.S government has threatened to shut down the popular video app, due to the fears over data privacy. However, TikTok has denied any such claims. Currently, the U.S has more than 100 million TikTok users.

Back on 18th September, TikTok filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration, and this Thursday also ByteDance owned TikTok filed a last-minute injunction to stop the ban, that was supposed to be effective from Sunday night. However, in a sealed motion the government asked the court to reject the injunction, which the government later refiled as a public motion.

Later on, Sunday, the court gave its decision, with the formal opinion handed over privately to just two of the opposing parties. Mostly due to the nature of the sensitive materials that were included in the government’s motion. Both the parties have time till Monday in order to ask for any redactions before the publishing of the final opinion.

This delay on TikTok ban is another episode in the continuing saga of this fight over the future of one of the fastest-growing social media apps in the U.S. Many thought that the deal between ByteDance and the U.S government has resolved the standoff between two parties, but due to the disputed deal between ByteDance and Oracle, the standoff is still ongoing.

On the 6th of October, the Trump administration passed an executive order, stating that the app posed a threat to national security. The administration also passed a similar order on the same day on another Chinese company owned app WeChat.

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