5 Reason why Everyone Should Bike to Work

Despite a massive improvement in cycling infrastructure across North America and Asia, a vast majority of us, commuters still don’t prefer using bicycles to work. While the benefits of biking when it comes to commuting are innumerable, we at BizTrailblazer are rounding up our top 5 reasons why everyone should bike to work. So, let’s get into the article;

Fitness: Using a cycle to work is good for your fitness level. While the calorie burned in each ride will completely depend on how you ride, your speed, and the topography of the area, but on average, a cyclist burns as many calories as he/she would have burnt while jogging. And you know what the best part is? This calorie burns without affecting your joints. Additionally, cycling improves your cardiovascular fitness, lowers your blood pressure, builds muscles, etc. So, now you can basically work out while commuting and that too without any extra cost.

Fun: The second of the top 5 reasons why everyone should bike to work is the fun quotient. Most of us have a great childhood memory of riding our bikes around our neighborhood. To some people, biking to work reminds them of their childhood and helps them to enjoy those carefree moments once again. If you have recently started biking to work, don’t forget to observe your surroundings, and wave at other cyclists during your ride. And trust us, soon you might gain few new friends, and you’ll find yourself wishing your commutes were longer.



Cost-Effective: The third amongst the top 5 reasons why everyone should bike to work is simply because of the cost-effectiveness of biking. Believe me, it saves money and a lot of it. An average American household spends around $2000 on gasoline and motor oil each year, and adds on vehicle maintenance, insurance, occasional repairs, accidental repairs, parking fees, and you may spend as much as $9000 each month. Now compare that, to a bike, and you already know how much you can save in the first year itself. A decent commuter bike retails anywhere from $250- $1500 USD, while you may spend up to $50 for maintenance, and other accessories will cost you at around $200-$300 USD depending on the quality. So, even if you are opting for the costliest option available, then also you’ll save a lot of money.

Clean Air: This should be one of the most important points amongst all the 5 reasons why everyone should bike to work. We all know that the transportation sector accounts for as much as 30 percent of all US greenhouse gas emissions, while cars and trucks emit as much as 1/5th of those emissions. While a typical passenger car with one passenger emits 1.2 pounds of CO2/mile, an average cyclist release only 0.7 grams of CO2 per mile. So, cycle to work! guys.

Finding Parking has Never Been So Easy: This is the fifth of the top 5 reasons why everyone should bike to work. Most of us have faced problems related to parking, and I know the feeling of spending at least 10 minutes to find a proper parking space each morning. When you are cycling to work, you can even spot the nearest pole and lock your bicycle there and walk away. As cyclists, you have rare chances of getting stuck in a bad traffic jam, and the best part is nowadays most of the workplaces are using secure bike parks for their employees, which makes life a lot easier.

So, here are the top 5 reasons why everyone should bike to work. We hope that we have successfully presented our points in front of you. It’s an earnest request from team BizTrailblazer, please use bikes as your preferred mode of transport. You’ll save money, and time while gaining a bit of health and saving our mother nature.

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