Top 5 IoT Trends that are Changing the World

The Internet has come a long way, since the day it was invented. Thanks to the massive adaptation of the internet, it is gobbling up things at a massive rate. Other than your computer, laptop, phone, etc. things like light bulbs, refrigerators, air conditioners, and various wearables are also being connected to the internet at a very rapid pace.

The trend to create an interconnected ecosystem is slowly becoming the fad in every industry. In order to realize how big the IoT industry has become in recent years, you must look at the forecast of the industry. According to predictions, there will be as much as 41.6 billion IoT devices by the end of 2025, and these devices will generate a massive 79.4 zettabytes of data.

However, we still have five more years in order to reach this point. However, things are getting interesting slowly. So, we at BizTrailblazer have prepared a list of the top 5 IoT trends for you.

IoT Based Vehicle Tracking

With the massive acceleration of IoT, we can soon expect a surge in IoT based tracking and managing of vehicles. Thanks to IoT, organizations will be able to get much better insights regarding the driver’s behavior and also regarding the health of their fleet.

Autonomous vehicles are on rage currently, and various companies that are working with autonomous tech are depending on the Internet of Things heavily.

IoT Based Smart Homes

These smart home systems are mainly designed to allow users to monitor various different parts of a household, that too remotely, and receive a notification whenever something changes. We all know, these features are widely being used in home security, but there’s also smart refrigerators, air conditioners, coffee makers, and even smart bulbs.

Things like shower time limits or sensor-controlled lights are slowly becoming much more popular in houses nowadays, which in return saves water and electricity.

IoT in Healthcare

The Internet of Medical things is scaling up at a lightning pace. In the year of 2017, this was worth $41 billion, and in 2022 it is expected to reach as high as $158 billion. The Internet of Medical things can help with early warning systems, health monitoring systems, and with remote diagnostics by using intelligent devices.

IoT and Smart Cities

Each year, governments across the planet are investing more and more in IoT enabled traffic management systems. This kind of system gathers data and uses machine learning algorithms for quick and real-time analysis.

With the growing adoption of cameras, sensors, alert systems, and thermal imaging systems IoT is becoming a part of our daily lives quite fast. This ecosystem of interconnected cameras and security objects and software will soon be used in much bigger numbers in order to prevent accidents, crimes and to keep residents safe.

Smart Devices

In the next few years, we will witness the mass adoption of smart devices including things like Apple Watch, Fitbit, and others. In return, these smart bands and devices help people to stay fit and reach their fitness goals by monitoring sleep patterns, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, daily activities, and workout.


Although the future seems exciting, this will bring some significant challenges for both the authorities and companies. We can’t even imagine the scale of this problem. During the first half of 2019, 105 million attacks were detected on IoT endpoints. Which eventually means, securing the connected devices should be the topmost priority for any organization or government agency. Imagine, if an autonomous vehicle or traffic management system gets hacked, how much problems it can create for other road users. Also, there’s a high chance of security breach in medical IoT devices, which can eventually leak sensitive information.

So, currently, we need to stop using outdated products that no longer receive any kind of security updates. Also, we need to change the default password and keep updating the firmware on a regular basis, which will minimize the chances of attacks on your IoT endpoints.

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