15 Best HR Management Software in 2021

Have you started a new business? Or have you just scaled up your business? So, you might be in a need of the best HR systems for your company. However, you still may not know the proper use and purpose of a top HR software, and how it can change the way you manage your employees.

In this article, we’ll dig deep into the world of the best HR management software. We’ll help you to know what is HR Software? What are the benefits of HR Software? And we will also talk about various types of HR software. Lastly, we will list out 15 best HR management software for your company in 2021. 

However, I’d like to tell you, this article will be long, so be patient and read along!

What is HR Software?

In the quest of knowing the 15 best HR management software, we must know what is HR software? HR software is basically a platform, that integrates, automates, and manages most of the day-to-day HR processes in a company.

It can perform different kinds of functions, which include organizing and maintaining the employee databases, and obviously, organizational information of the company to make it much more accessible. Over the years, the popularity of HR software has grown up massively.

Various Types of HR Software

Currently, there are many HR software available in the market offering different values, features, and functions. These variants of HR software include Human Capital Management, Human Resource Management System, and Human Resource Information System.

Now you might ask, what HR software should I buy?

The answer to this question is, there’s always going to be a very thin line between all these three variants. However, just to simplify we can say, Human Resource Information System only offers basic functionalities, in order to manage processes, people and policies. Whereas Human Capital Management looks after the area of talent and workforce management. Lastly, Human Resource Management System offers comprehensive functionalities, which also include payroll services and all the bells and whistles of a top HR software.

Benefits of an HR Software

The best thing HR software does is to lighten the burden of your entire HR department. It specifically reduces the time spent on doing repetitive, low-impact administrative tasks, which eventually helps your HR employee to focus on more productive things. Other than this best HR management software benefits mainly include;

– Better and accurate analytics
– Better feedback
– Reduced errors
– Vastly improved organization of various documents and obviously employee data
– Keeping companies compliant with different regulations
– Streamlined processes

So, now we have explored all the aspects of the best HR management software. Now you must read further for the list of 15 best HR management software for your organization. These 15 best HR management software can be also used by small businesses and start-ups.

1) Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is one of the best software for HR management. Its two founders Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders didn’t start the company just to make some quick buck. They wanted to make a truly great product that customers would love. Bamboo HR should be the best HR software for small businesses. This platform provides a great UI experience and great customer support service.

BizTrailblazer Blog - best HR software in India - Bamboo HR


– Good support team
– Great UX/UI


– A bit expensive
– No payroll services


2) Keka

Keka has beautifully built a powerful and efficient best HR and Payroll software. Keka simplifies many complex HR processes. This platform offers flexible pricing plans.

BizTrailblazer Blog - KEKA Smart HR Management Software


– UI is very user friendly
– Great support team


– The main bummer is non-availability of on-premise implementation


3) Zoho

Zoho is a well-known name when it comes to the best HR management software, and it is quite natural that we’ll keep Zoho on our list of 15 best HR management software. The best part of Zoho is, businesses can now customize as per their wish and requirement, which makes it cost-effective.

BizTrailblazer Blog - ZOHO recruit - HR management software


– Low pricing
– Good UI


   – Works best only with inhouse product integration


4) HROne

HROne is one of the best HR software in India. This platform offers its employees self-service. Additionally, HROne helps your HR to perform multiple tasks in a day, that too on the go.

BizTrailblazer Blog -HRMS software - HR ONE


– Low pricing
– A very user-friendly UI


The web version lacks few functions


5) SumHR

How can we forget SumHR in our list of 15 best HR management software. With the intent of breaking free from the HR chaos, SumHR was founded in 2013. This cloud-based HR software is one of the best HR software for start-ups in India. This platform allows to create of attendance policies, manage shifts, and tracking of every employee’s in and out time. 

Sum HR Management Software 2021 - BizTrailblazer Blog


– Economical to use
– Easy to learn


Completely cloud-based, can’t be implemented on-premise.


6) HRMantra

In this list of 15 best HR management software HRMantra scores very high. Established back in 1998, HRMantra was the first vendor to set up HR software, that too web-based. HRMantra is one of the best HR software for small businesses.

BizTrailblazer Blog - HR Mantra


– Easy to adapt


– No option for trial accounts


7) Kredily

In order to make HR software available to the masses, Kredily was created. It is one of the best free HR management software in India. Start-ups or small businesses with a limited employee count can use Kredily.

BizTrailblazer Blog - Kredily HR Software


– It’s free
– Suitable for small businesses


 – Limited set of features


8) Freshteam

Freshteam is one of the best cloud-based HR software that is available in the market right now. This HR software excels in recruiting process. Although the UI/UX is decent, the customer might still face some inconvenience with the response speed of the support team.

FRESHWORKS - Smart HR software -BizTrailblazer Blog


– Very good for recruitment
– Ease of use


– Slight delay in customer support


9) SageHR

Previously CakeHR, has now become SageHR. This HR software is equipped with multiple modules. And the best part is trial account’s features are not at all compromised. SageHR fast tracks the workload of the entire HR department.

BizTrailblazer Blog - Sage HR


– Trial accounts have necessary features
– Decent customer service


The mobile app can be a bit faster


10) Beehive

With more than 21 modules, Beehive scores very highly on the list of 15 best HR management software. It offers integration both in the cloud and on-premise. This HR management software has an easy-to-navigate interface.

Beehive HRMS - BizTrailblazer Blog


– Cost-effective
– UI is quite user-friendly


On-premise implementation does not support Mac systems


11) Rippling

The best part of rippling is, it quotes its customers according to the chosen services. The company also allows 1:1 customer support.

Rippling HR Management Software - BizTrailblazer Blog


– Great payroll service
– Decent UI


– Not serviceable outside of the US


12) Paycor

When it comes to the best HR payroll software, Paycor scores very high. This is one of the best HR software for start-ups. Recently it has also launched a free payroll for its clients.

Paycor HR Software - BizTrailblazer Blog


– Payroll processing is easy
– Great features


Customer support can be improved


13) Namely

This HR software is one of the best HR platforms and it is specifically designed for mid-sized organizations. This platform provides self-service for the employees. Additionally, Namely also provides a very robust set of diversity.

BizTrailblazer Blog - Namely HR


– Customizable
– Easy to use


No presence in the US


14) Workday

In the list of 15 best HR management software, Workday also scores decently. This HR management software is not so suitable for small businesses, due to its advanced features. Workday also caters to educational institutions, which also makes it one of the best HR management software for schools.

BizTrailblazer Blog - WorkDay HR Management


– Advanced features
– In-depth analytics


– Not suitable for small businesses


15) Gusto

Gusto started its journey as ZenPayroll in 2012. This is one of the 15 best HR management software, that eliminates any chance of mistake which could happen in manual processing. This is good for small businesses.

BizTrailblazer Blog - Gusto HR Management Software


– Great customer service
– Fast navigation


– The basic plan lacks features



If you have completed the super long article, and if you are reading this line. Then I would like to say ‘THANK YOU’ for reading such a loooong article. However, this was the list of 15 best HR management software in 2021. And let me tell you, these HRMS software automates the mundane administrative tasks so much, that once implemented your HR team can become much more efficient than ever before.


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