7 Best Cybersecurity Tools To Use in 2020

Cyber Security! One of the most fascinating, yet the most complicated part about the internet. Due to increased dependency on technology the world is seeing a high number of cyberattacks, which made cybersecurity one of the top priorities for many organizations. Successful attacks often result in devastating consequences for the victim, including financial losses, compromised data, damaged reputation, and others. Additionally, cyberattacks can also lead to litigations where regulations like GDPR can impose a massive fine.

Realizing that building a 100% secured system is nearly next to impossible, due to the broad area of cybersecurity. Therefore, monitoring the IT environment in order to uncover various vulnerabilities before cybercriminals exploit them can result in optimum security.

In this article, we will talk about ‘7 best cybersecurity tools to use in 2020.’

As cybersecurity leaders, we have to create our message of influence because security is a culture and you need the business to take place and be part of that security culture.

Britney Hommertzheim


Metasploit consists of a great collection containing multiple tools for carrying out various penetration testing exercises. It is one of the most well-known software used for cybersecurity. Cybersecurity professionals across the planet use Metasploit in order to achieve different security objectives. These objectives can range from identifying vulnerabilities to managing the completed security evaluations. This tool can test the security of different systems, which may include web-based apps, servers, networks, etc. It identifies new security vulnerabilities, ensuring round-the-clock security.


Another tool in our list of ‘7 best cybersecurity tools to use in 2020’ is Wireshark. This is a console-based cybersecurity tool formerly known as Ethereal. Wireshark analyses network protocols in real-time to know the presence of vulnerabilities. When it comes to scrutinizing details related to network traffic at different levels, Wireshark is the most useful tool. The security professionals use this tool to investigate characteristics that individual data packets exhibit, which in return helps to identify the weaknesses of the network’s security.


In our list of ‘7 best cybersecurity tools to use in 2020’, Netstumbler scores very high. It is a free tool designed for systems running on Windows OS. With this tool, security experts can now identify any open ports of a network. However, Netstumbler has no provisions for source codes as it was developed for only Windows systems. This tool is one of the most popular tools used for cybersecurity, mostly due to its ability to identify network vulnerabilities that may not be present in other tools.



Snort is a cybersecurity application mainly used for intrusion control, and it is also open source. Snort support several OS distributions including Fedora, Centos, Windows Platform, and FreeBSD. Thanks to the application’s easy to use nature, and flexibility when it comes to implementation of protocols and raw packet analysis, it is one of the most popular applications amongst ‘7 best cybersecurity tools to use in 2020.’


Nikto is one of the best cybersecurity tools in the list of ‘7 best cybersecurity tools to use in 2020.’ This is an open-source tool that can be used to scan various web-vulnerabilities and to manage them. The best part is, this tool also consists of a database consisting of more than 6400 types of threats. The inbuilt database provides threat data, that can be compared to the results of a web vulnerability scan. Developers frequently update the database with new data that can help to identify vulnerabilities a bit easier.


We have also listed Tor in our list of ‘7 best cybersecurity tools to use in 2020.’ Tor is a quite efficient tool when it comes to providing privacy to its users. This tool routes the user requests to different proxy servers, which makes it hard to trace their presence on the internet.


Lastly on our list of ‘7 best cybersecurity tools to use in 2020’ is POF, a cybersecurity tool, which is being widely used to monitor networks. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of this tool is not releasing any updates for a long time. This tool is decently efficient and streamlined. It also doesn’t generate additional data traffic while monitoring networks. POf is quite fast and lightweight, which makes it one of the most widely used tools for network monitoring.

So, here we have listed out the ‘7 best cybersecurity tools to use in 2020.’ If you have enjoyed reading this article, then don’t forget to go through our other cybersecurity-related articles.

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