Covid-19 and its Long Term effects

OH! What a virus isn’t it? The world is going through a disaster as if the Earth has stopped breathing suddenly. A tiny green virus is making the world dance just in one hand. A highly infectious virus that is spreading like wildfire and the whole Universe is thinking how to stop this disease from spreading. Surely this virus is making headlines throughout, which actually cropped up in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and parts of China.

Thousands of people have become sick and were not finding any clue of how to stop this disease named Covid-19.  But now most of the countries are trying hard to stop the spread of this virus and took strong control of it. Even some countries are planning vaccines to cure patients who are getting effected by the Covid-19.

Now people are getting afraid even if they are suffering from a bit of cold and flu. People are getting afraid of getting confused between the simple flu and Covid-19, due to their same symptoms. Even there is a group of people who are getting infected with mild infections and they themselves don’t know about the underlying infection.

And the most important or you can say the worst part of this virus is that it has no conspicuous symptoms. Still, now Researchers are yet to discover how Covid-19 is getting transmitted from one person to another. But some experts are saying that the virus is getting transmitted through droplets being created after sneezing or coughing.


However, there are ways to stop spreading this virus. In this case, people need to follow a few steps religiously and need to apply those steps in their daily lives. Some major important steps include covering our mouth, face, and nose with mask or tissue paper while coughing or sneezing in public areas.

We also have to wash our hands and fingers hourly with soap and water and have to sanitize it whenever we go out and the most important part is that we have to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet while interacting with others. These are basically the thumb rules in order to stop the spread of this virus but we have to look after its long term effects also.

Scientists are saying that there are no long term effects on the body? How is that possible? Long term effects are unknown? Also, scientists are saying that the global recovery rate is as high as 50%, which is actually good news indeed. The fatality rate is comparatively quite low, which indeed is good news. However, many people in China got re-infected after getting cured of this virus. This is where things are getting wrong. 

If this is the scenario, that fellow researchers around the world are still finding answers about the long term effects of this virus on the human body then how come they are assuring that 50% recovery rate? 

Isn’t it very confusing? 

Studies are showing there is yet no enough data that percentages of Covid-19 patients are going back to hospitals even after recovery.  The funniest part is people are recovering within a few weeks and some people are experiencing symptoms again even after the recovery from their initial stage. This is a very debatable topic indeed that what are the long term effects of this Covid-19 on the human body.

People are in fear and questions are still arising globally that even if the virus dies and vaccines come on the way, will the virus effect people over time? Though doctors are closely monitoring people who have recovered from Covid-19.

The scientific world is in high dilemma and even unsure what sort of immunity a patient might build after recovery. Will it be dormant like chickenpox or become a chronic infectious disease like Hepatitis B. Several questions are still unanswered and unknown to the whole world. The mysterious virus creates a mystery for the analyzers and for the common people as well. Things are getting severe and worse day by day and clueless.

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