Hemp Based Lotions and Shampoos are Now Banned by the US Navy

Just a few years back the US Navy put a ban on hemp based CBD products and said they do not want their marines and sailors to use products that are based on hemp oil. The U.S. Navy also put an obstruction on these cannabidiol based topical products like shampoos and lotions.

The Navy believes these hemp-based products contain tetrahydrocannabinol exposure (THC) which can be harmful and might cause damage on missions and could disqualify a Mariner or Sailor from his continuous service. Therefore, the US Navy has made certain new rules and put a ban on hemp based products in order to protect its sailors.

The US Navy said in an online statement that, it is not at all possible for every consumer to know in detail that which products contain THC and the label on the products might not be trustworthy.

According to the officials of the Department of Defense, it is not possible and even practical enough to test each and every product that contains hemp oil and to draw up a conclusion of positive urinalysis about the products.

CBD is actually a chemical that is found in hemp and marijuana plants. However, the word CBD is derived from the plant name marijuana. It is easier for the companies to use the name hemp-based CBD as the hemp based extracts are legal in all over the U.S. Though the hemp based extract is legal, its usage is not regulated, as the question about health factors pop up automatically that appear on the labels of each product.

The most interesting part is that healthcare workers, who are working on long night shifts are actually finding these hemp based products really helpful on their non-working days, as this particular product is helping them to fight back their sleepless nights, panic attacks, inflammation, neck and back pains.

According to Dr. Yasmin Hurd, a neuroscientist at Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai (AIMS) in New York said that CBD is a choice for those who are addicted to drugs, and at the same time it is also helpful for those who are opioid addicts that cure cravings and anxiety.

Congress voted and debated and finally came to a conclusion with the lawmakers for making hemp legal in December 2018. For ages, the federal government of the US has treated this hemp plant like any other normal cannabis plant. Drug Enforcement Administration list of controlled substances since 1970, it had been classified as a schedule 1 drug with heroin, marijuana, and LSD. The DEA claims’ schedule 1 drug, as having a non-acceptance of medical usage and a higher rate for abuse.

Hemp based CBD is commonly found in oils, vapes, and supplements but at the same time, its CBD is also being used on topical products like dog treats, shampoos, body lotions, lattes, and gummy bears. It is also being sold in farmer’s markets, coffee shops, mom & pops, and high-end departmental stores, and even in drug store chains.

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Just a few years back the US Navy put a ban on hemp based CBD products and said they do not want their marines and sailors to use products that …