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BRIA Jewels: Blending Timeless Elegance with Modern Trends in the Indian Jewelry Market

Founded in March 2023, BRIA Jewels is an India-based jewelry brand that combines old-school elegance and trendy twists. The founder, Divyanshi Kothari, started BRIA Jewels as a passion project reflecting her love for timeless sophistication and modern styles in unique, high-quality, affordable jewelry pieces. Since the brand’s inception, Divyanshi has focused on meticulous craftsmanship, using pure 925 silver, top-grade CZ stones, and pearls for each item including its silver chain necklaces. Customers, too have taken note of Divyanshi’s dedication to quality as well as affordability, which has led to more than 50 lakh rupees worth of sales and a growing community of over 4000 customers. With a repeat order rate of 20% and an average product rating of 4.8, BRIA Jewels has quickly established itself as a trusted, high-quality, affordable jewelry brand in India.

The Inception

For Divyanshi, the birth of BRIA Jewels was not only a business decision but also a personal journey through which she hoped to create a timeless and affordable jewelry brand in India that seamlessly reflects traditional elegance with contemporary trends. Like many other women, Divyanshi was disheartened by the lack of durable and affordable jewelry in India. This inspired her to create hypoallergenic and pocket-friendly pieces that cater to all. The name ‘BRIA’ reflects the brand’s essence, symbolizing strength, elegance, and timelessness—qualities that Divyanshi believes are inherent in every piece of her jewelry.

Maintaining Authenticity is the Top Priority

Under Divyanshi’s leadership, BRIA Jewels’ core philosophy is blending classic style with modern design, ensuring each item portrays both tradition and trendiness. This is evident through its emphasis on excellent workmanship, where only real materials, such as pure 925 sterling silver, top-grade cubic zirconia stones (CZ), and pearls, are used to produce hypoallergenic, high-quality, and affordable jewelry.

She ensures that the materials are of good quality and genuine by carefully sourcing them from trustworthy suppliers with verified certifications. The purity of 925 silver is tested rigorously to ensure it’s authentic and hypoallergenic, while CZ stones and pearls undergo strict quality checks to verify their grades and durability. Moreover, each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who inspect every detail, maintaining the brand’s high standards and ensuring every client receives exquisite, enduring, and modern jewelry at an affordable rate.

Ensuring Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability

In addition to the necessity of keeping up with the latest trends in the jewelry industry, Divyanshi ensures that BRIA Jewels remains ahead by actively engaging with global fashion shows, following top designers on social media, and monitoring emerging trends. She also seeks feedback from her clients and engages with the community to understand their evolving tastes. Combining these insights with BRIA’s signature style of blending old-school elegance with trendy twists, Divyanshi ensures that each BRIA Jewel piece is timeless and contemporary, resonating with its customers and staying ahead in the market.

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Sustainability lies at the core of the brand. Bria Jewels’ commitment to ethical sourcing and responsible practices means that all its materials, such as pure 925 silver and the highest-quality CZ stones, are eco-friendly and ethically produced. This dedication is transparently communicated to customers through detailed information on its website, updates on social media showcasing sustainable practices, and thorough, detailed product descriptions. Additionally, BRIA’s eco-friendly jewelry packaging reinforces its dedication to sustainability while providing its customers with beautiful, affordable, and guilt-free jewelry options in India.

Building a Loyal Community

BRIA Jewels personalizes customer experiences while fostering community involvement. Divyanshi and her team connect with their audience through social media by replying to comments or DMs, sharing behind-the-scenes content about how things work behind closed doors, and even celebrating success stories from people who wear their products!

Additionally, BRIA Jewels enhances customer loyalty through a dedicated loyalty program that rewards repeat purchases and offers exclusive previews for its dedicated customers. This approach encourages repeat purchases and strengthens the bond between customers and the brand.

Consistently delivering hypoallergenic, high-quality, and affordable jewelry, coupled with exceptional customer service, has been instrumental in cultivating a loyal community that values and trusts BRIA Jewels. Furthermore, initiatives like the food donation program demonstrate BRIA’s commitment to giving back to society, further strengthening the emotional bond with customers and reinforcing the brand’s values beyond its products.

As the founder of BRIA Jewels, the most rewarding moment for me has been seeing the tangible impact of our social initiative. Knowing that each order we receive translates to a food packet donated to someone in need has been incredibly fulfilling. This initiative not only aligns with my personal values but also resonates deeply with our customers,”- Divyanshi says.

Suggestions for Young Entrepreneurs

Having experienced the Indian jewelry industry via BRIA Jewels, Divyanshi shares some advice for budding entrepreneurs. She notes that the craftsmanship and material intricacies within this field are second to none, so one must ensure that each piece meets impeccable standards without exception.

She explains that building a strong brand, where customers can depend on it for quality and affordability, has been vital to her business success story. In addition, she advises others not to be afraid of change or trying out new things because they could end up setting themselves apart from competitors.

Divyanshi’s advice also underscores the importance of maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence in both product and customer relationships, as well as the agility to adapt to evolving market dynamics without losing sight of what makes the brand unique.

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