Top Skills Every Salesperson Should Possess

Do you know what are the Top sales associate skills, every salesperson should have to empower themselves in order to become a top performer? Here we have presented a detailed infographic (originally shared by XANT.AI) to find out more about the sales skills that set a salesman or saleswoman apart.

To survive in this competitive environment, salespersons need a new set of skills. The best salespersons should have these qualities:

1. Understand the buyer’s needs
2. Sell in a buyer-responsive manner
3. Use psychology to engage the buyer
4. Establish trust with the buyer
5. Concise with their communication
6. Demonstrate subject matter expertise
7. Tell really compelling stories
8. Should be a good copywriter
9. Sell effectively over the phone
10. Socially active with target buyers
11. Personalize their interactions
12. Use a variety of marketing skills
13. Are more productive because of sales technology
14. Tie daily activities to quota achievement
15. Manage their pipeline like a portfolio

“Before you sell/serve anyone, you must know every detail and history of your products,” said Dave Ramsey, author and sales trainer.

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