Top 10 Ways How Technology is Changing Your Life

Modern technology has many benefits but with so many advantages it comes with few disadvantages too. Especially the technologies that we use in our daily life can change our personalities, habits, and many things simultaneously in a surprising way. If we do not use technology in a certain useful way, it might lead to a disaster. But interestingly BizTrailblazer will discuss the Top 10 ways how technology is changing your Life for the worse.

1. Trumped-up Stories


Fake news or trumped-up stories are making the world dance. Since 2016 this news is making a lot of stories. There are websites, which create fake news every day and even convert real genuine news with legitimate-looking URLs. With just one click in your search engine, you will get hundreds and thousands of fake news sites which are misleading readers to a great extent.

Many college students, university students, and even high school children are unknowingly depending on these sites and collecting information regarding their works. The worst part is 80% of the people still cannot differentiate between a sponsored article and a non sponsored article on the same page. 

2. When Search Engines Make You Dumb


Google has both advantages and disadvantages. With just a click you will be able to get all sorts of content. Professors and scientists of leading universities around the world have claimed this as Google Effect- which actually makes our brain work less. With Cognitive self-esteem experiments, scientists have proved that participants have their own abilities to remember things. However, with the high usage of search engines, users are not working their own brains rather thinking of the Internet as their own cognitive process. As a result of this, users who are obsessed with search engines cannot remember things.

3. Irregularity of Sleep


According to a recent survey, as much as 4700 people agreed with the statement, “I don’t sleep as well as I used to because I am connected to technology all the time.” A quarter of all the participants were between the age group of 18-24 years.

Using smartphones during sleep and staying awake the whole night is even worse for the eyes, there is a scientific reason behind it. Human brain acts weird, it doesn’t have any idea when to sleep and when to wake up. Normally the brain’s chemicals react with two types of lights which sends signals to the brain. ‘’Red light’’ gives a signal to the brain that it is night time and ‘’blue light’’ tells that it is time to wake up.

“blue light’’ generally emits from smartphones. A sleep-promoting chemical comes out of the brain which is called suppresses melatonin. According to research, the blue light that comes out of the screen of smartphones is highly crucial to sleep and it also reduces the REM of sleep and at the same time it is not all beneficial to health.

4. More Techie Less Creativity


We all know that Google has all the information stored and so we do not have to work our brain to search for work related information. But every time the opposite appears. Recent research has found that when people have plenty of thoughts it leads to less creativity but on the other hand, the results have shown that if people have a fewer amount of thoughts in their brain, it leads to higher creativity.

5. Less Texting be Communicative


Globally texting has become the primary way of communication. Nowadays older people text more than doing phone calls than younger generations, a recent study has shown. Nowadays people prefer to communicate over emails and chats. But here the problem arises. New research has shown that because of lesser communication, people are forgetting to read emotional cues. Again, researches have proved that with this nonverbal world, the young generation is getting damaged day by day.

6. The world is getting impatient


In the world of techies YouTube and high demanding streaming videos, studies are showing that people are willing to wait for long especially if it comes to entertainment. A recent study by a group of researchers from various universities has shown that people wait only just 2 seconds to download any videos after that they just fly off. This effect is moving into real life as well. There are certain companies that are delivering services to people on the same day to retain customers, which shows how people have become impatient over the years.

7. When GPS Technology Effects Brain Function


In today’s technological world and in everyday life, GPS has become an essential part of every body’s life. Due to the high use of GPS people often tend to forget how to reach any destination without the help of GPS. But on the other hand, a recent study by a group of professors has shown that high usage of GPS Maps actually leads to loss of memory as we age.

8. Loss of Attention due to Technology

Technology has made the attention span shorter amongst people. With the high growth of technology, a loss of attention can be witnessed in the younger generation. Due to the dependency on technology and the internet, the attention span of humans has dropped from 12 seconds to a mere 8 seconds which is the average span of a goldfish.

9. Be Healthy and Not Techie.


Technology has really made everybody around the world unhealthy. Too much usage of smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops, TV, and gaming consoles has made everybody a couch potato. This problem can be noticed amongst the younger generation as they are always glued with their smartphones and eating unhealthy food and becoming a bean bag.  Because of this high usage of technology, surprisingly many countries have researched that the number is consistent. As we are too much obsessed digitally it is very much obvious that our daily life has changed with our eating habits. People are becoming less interactive and more techie.   

10. The Social Media Effect


The effects of social media are really creating a different viewpoint. For instance, Facebook’s algorithms tend to push forward the contents they are interested in and their existing viewpoints which is troublesome. Therefore, users of social media should move out and seek different things from their own. As a result of this social media addiction, people tend to start conversing differently. Hence, conflicts occur which is known as the ‘filter bubble’ in which people who generally get news directly from social media cannot accept challenges.

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