Top 10 POS Systems for Your Business

Have you adopted a POS system for your business? No? If you haven’t adopted a POS system for your businesses in order to handle customer transactions you might be falling behind your competition. A POS system can help you to save your time, track your employees, reduce mistakes, etc. We already have a detailed article on the 7 benefits of POS systems for your business. However, in this article, we will help you to choose a POS system for your business from a list of top 10 POS systems.

Most of the time these top 10 POS systems for restaurants can dramatically help you to improve the needed efficiency. It also helps restaurant owners to get accurate business reports, reduced wait time, improved customer relationships, easy tracking of inventory, error control, etc. Also, POS systems are being used massively in the retail sector nowadays. And top 10 POS systems for retail can help you with faster transaction time, seamless shopping experience, maintaining price, proper reports, etc.

So, let’s dive deep and find the top 10 POS systems for your business;    



People at Square really understand that every business is different from others. So, keeping in that mind Square has a variety of POS options to help you scale your business. Whether you are looking for the best POS system for restaurants or the best POS system for retail Square has an option for you. Square helps you with payment processing, platform customization, customer management, employee management, inventory management, third party integration and it also lets you to comprehensively plan businesses.

Lightspeed Retail


In our list of top 10 POS systems, Lightspeed retail is another option, which can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time. This app is ideal for all types of retailers and it addresses the requirements of large multi-shop enterprises and single stores. This POS system can help you to streamline the daily operations of businesses by its robust features. The best part is, Lightspeed is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.      

ShopKeep POS


When it comes to the top 10 POS systems, ShopKeep is there nearly at the top. It lets you get paid and run your business in a much easier way. Selling online, in-person selling, managing employees, inventories, etc. are now no longer a headache with ShopKeep. This POS’s tools are flexible and it can be used by those who are looking for the top 10 POS system for retail or top 10 POS system for restaurants.

With its wide range of features, ShopKeep is now being used in various retail stores, restaurants, and in various unique businesses. ShopKeep has also been listed by Business Insider in its 2020’s Top Fintech Startups list and ADWEEK has also chosen the company as 2020 Best Retail Analytics Company.

Shopify POS


There are high chances that you’ve heard the name of Shopify POS already. It is one of the most well-known POS systems amongst the top 10 POS systems list. It is available on iPhones and it’s completely free for all the Shopify merchants. With Shopify, you can accept credit card, cash, gift card, and debit card payments on your iOS devices. Additionally, it helps you to accept requests offline, create custom payment modes, track records, shipping, and delivery, refunds, etc. The retail package from Shopify lets you set up multiple iPad registers, scan barcodes, etc.

Toast POS


How can we not mention Toast POS in the list of top 10 POS systems? It is already a cut above from many of the conventional POS systems due to its visibility and control. Toast POS offers features like labor and inventory, CRM, credit card processing, online ordering, etc. Restaurant owners who are looking for the top 10 POS systems for restaurants can use this POS system to operate their business in a smooth manner. The added advantages is reliable customer support over telephone and email.   

Vend POS


Vend is basically cloud-based retail management and POS platform, and it is designed to help retailers to manage their inventory properly. This POS system is completely built to run on the iPad is quite popular amongst businesses due to its massive flexibility quotient. Just like any other POS system listed in this list of top 10 POS systems it can also track and organize customer data, boost product management, etc. Do you know what the best part is? It is designed to work with all the existing business hardware, systems, and equipment. Vend POS is easy to use and all you need a web browser to run this POS system.

PayPal Here


It is a free mobile card and contactless payment processing application. However, PayPal Here needs a card reading device, that is offered by PayPal that can accept cards and contactless payment options. Thanks to PayPal Here, now you don’t need a brick and mortar store, as it can be accessed from anywhere as you just need a working internet connection. Apart from accepting payment from customers, PayPal Here can also manage inventories and generate sales reports.

Revel Systems


With this POS system, you can now improve your bottom line, and service speed with the self-service kiosk. You can also create loyalty programs or can take mobile orders, or you can even deploy a customer engagement strategy powered by the CRM. The POS from Revel Systems can also be used in employee management, cash management, delivery management, kitchen management, and table management.



With Fresha, you can now provide your clients with a seamless checkout experience due to its modern and secure payment systems. Thanks to this POS system, now you can take control of your calendar by remotely charging late cancellation fees and no shows. You can also receive automatic daily payouts to your connected bank account.

Fusion Retail


This is an all in one retail store management software, with the option of POS billing, store analytics, payroll management, financial accounting, and inventory management. Fusion Retail’s POS helps you train new users with a lesser experience quite easily, which in return increases your customer satisfaction.

So, here are the top 10 POS systems that can help your business to reach new heights. In this century of technological prowess, it is always a smart idea to go with the current trend in order to stand at the front line. Also, in our next POS related article, we will share the list of best POS systems for restaurants.

So, stay tuned with us for more articles on this topic. 

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