Few Tips and Tricks for Remote Work

We are in the midst of a flexible workplace revolution. Not only Covid-19 has hit the world with its disastrous effects, but it has also effected people’s minds and brains at the same time. With the widespread effect of this novel corona virus, changes have taken place in every aspect of our lives starting from traveling, shopping, from going to market, etc. With these drastic changes throughout the world. Due to this pandemic situation, many organizations across the planet had to impose strict measures when it comes to policies regarding remote work.

But among them, there are companies that have not mandated any remote work policy for their employees. It surely does have hit hard on the productivity of the developers. And this recommendation will go on until the spread of the virus reduces.

There are certain groups of people who have accepted these remote work conditions as they will get plenty of comfort from their favorite corner of the room like sleeping a bit more, spending more and more time with family and kids, or doing Zumba on the terrace. Though it seems like a wow-factor for all those binge-watchers of Netflix and Amazon Prime but often it can lead to mental stress and might lead hard on the mind to focus on the work you are up to. This isolation can quickly become a downer for all those who are in favor of working from home.

Plenty of youngsters are getting depressed with this current situation that is going on worldwide. Therefore, we at bizTRAILBLAZER have come up with some amazing tips and tricks to stay focused mentally physically, and on the job while working remotely.

A Fresh Start

The most important thing to keep in mind with this remote work factor is how you can stay fit throughout the day. Proper exercise, yoga, and meditation early in the morning and inhaling fresh air will distress your mind and body and will give focus all day to work energetically.


Maintaining a proper to-do-lists for your total schedule during the period of remote work will eventually help you to plan much more. A total week time schedule will provide you with the right things at the right time with fewer mistakes.


Selecting a proper workplace is very much important when it comes to remote work. We all have our favorite corner of the room right?   Thus, selecting that right corner is necessary to get focused and do things properly.


Moving Around

It is not at all recommendable for all those remote work lovers to sit all day at one place and monitor the screen of your laptop and sip coffee. You should move around every after one hour, or can have a chat with someone around in order to gain that focus again. This might also give you the right posture to your body and it will not strain your back and shoulder.

Eating Habits

When you are creating your to-do list for the total week do make space for your eating habits. Do not skip any meals of the day and should include a Brunch. This prevents you from getting hungry in the middle of your work. Limit the intake of beverages and carbs or sugary drinks. just remember during remote work situations, you tend to go out of routine quite frequently, which can effect your health.


Team meetings are an essential part of remote work situations. As you have to do less face to face interactions therefore organizing a meeting becomes very important. Before starting any call, make sure all your internet connections are working properly.

Also, you might be aware of the increase in cybercrime during this pandemic situation. So, do not use any other meeting or calling client except those your organization has already approved to get in touch with your colleagues.  Meetings are a great option to maintain relationships with team members and with other colleagues.

Creating Office at home

Our mind always acts in a strange way and it becomes really impossible to hold it back and to concentrate while working from home. Therefore, it is highly important to create an office-like environment at home also. Though many can’t do it, still it is a good idea to have your own space if you really want to concentrate on your office work.  It can only be created if you carry your complete work station at home or if you work at the cozy corner of your room.

The above-mentioned points are some useful tips for all those hard-working managers and employees who are currently working from home. Try to incorporate these easy tips in your daily life and to your office work schedule and maintain a cordial, easy, and comfortable healthy lifestyle.

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