Lokalise raises $6 million in its Latest Funding Round

Lokalise a startup company, which mainly focuses on translation, websites, games localization of applications, and much more. It provides software services to the products and helps you to improve workflow and to update texts in various other languages to the products.

Lokalise with the collaboration of Mike Chalfen, Andrey Khusid, Nicolas Dessaigne, Des Traynor, Matt Robinson raised $6 funding in its latest round of funding. Many companies waste their time when it comes to shipping an update because they still need to update new buttons and texts in different languages. The process is often done manually, which generally involves incorporating various files and sending texts in other languages.

CEO and Co-founder of Nick Ustinov told Techcrunch in a recent interview “As a matter of fact, the most popular tools used in localisation processes are still Excel and Google Sheets. Next, come internally-built scripts and tools’’.



This start-up company speeds up the working process. There are generally two ways to speed up the process with Lokalise. One you can speed up the process manually and upload your own language file and second with GitHub or GitLab that does the work automatically and saves your time and workload.  And then you can browse each and every sentence in different languages needed from the service. Lokalise interface also provides your team of translators to edit texts. As Lokalise is a web-based company that gives services to the translators therefore Lokalise tries to provide space so that each company that is working this startup remains on the same page.

There are certain important features in Lokalise that help you to collaborate with other team members. These features like you will be able to comment, you will be able to assign various duties and triggers on the completed tasks even with this new feature, you will be able to mention to other people. Like for example, when done with your translation work, Lokalise will be able to send a notification to the reviewer.

You can use it dynamically to send language files to your mobile apps SDKs and an API when all other works will be completed. Or you can also upload an object so that the app you are using will be able to fetch the latest language file from the server.

Lokalise also allows you to use Google Translators or a marketplace with other high professional translators if Lokalise sees that your venture is quite small and does not contain a good team of translators. With the help of Gengo, you will be able to spot the errors easily.

Nick Ustinov said, “Most customers work with internal or external individual translators or language service providers (LSPs) directly.” Mainly 90% of the revenue comes from SAAS. 90%-10% revenue breakdown is between other marketplace translators and SAAS.

Lokalise though it’s a start-up reached up to 15000 customers like The Revolut, Yelp, Virgin Mobile, and Notion. It’s annual recurring is $4million.

To conclude this start-up venture Lokalise is that it tries to solve very specific problems and needs of the companies. The start-up will try to speed up its work if you have clients all over the world.

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