How to Stay Safe from Cybercrimes in 7 Ways

You may think, the most you have to worry about cybercrimes are some hackers stealing our identity or financial data. But you may be wrong. Cybercrimes are not always about stealing someone’s financial or personal information. Since the late 90’s cybercrimes have evolved, with completely new threats surfacing each year.

After hearing many cybercrime stories, a certain number of people around the globe think twice before doing any financial transaction on the web. However, that is a much more drastic step. Instead, it’s always a good idea to know more about cybercrimes, which can eventually protect you and your data. Taking a few basic precautions are always needed. You might want to know, how to prevent cyber crimes? In reality, you can not prevent cyber crimes from happening. Instead what you can do? You can take precautionary measures and you can help others and yourself to stay safe online.

So, below are a few steps which can help you to stay safe online;

Public Wi-Fi is a Strict No

Always try to avoid public Wi-Fi networks. Connecting your device to any public network often exposes your data and hackers can easily gain access to your device. Even if you have to connect to a public Wi-Fi, avoid any financial transaction. The best way to use any public Wi-Fi system is to use a good VPN service, which can eventually protect you from potential attackers.

Use Stronger Passwords

People often share their important passwords with others, specially with their partners. However, there’s a reason that it needs to be private and no one other than you should know it. Also, don’t use the same password for all of your accounts, instead use different passwords for different accounts. And, while creating a password, use a combination of small letters, capital letters, numbers, and special characters, which you make your password harder to guess. Never keep your birth date, phone number as a password, which is easy to guess and hack.

Avoid Using a Public Computer

Public computers are only good for basic jobs. Don’t use those computers for any financial transactions. As these computers are shared, there might be some programs that can record your activity and your passwords that you type in.

Don’t Download Unknown Apps

Downloading unknown apps can jeopardize your normal life. You might come across a software that is not available on your phone’s app store, but it is available online and the features it offers are quite good. However, refrain from downloading any app that isn’t available on your app store. As, these apps can monitor your location history, call logs, camera, Bluetooth, etc. which can eventually lead to cybercrimes.


Use Security Software

If you need proper protection from cybercrimes, you have to use a full-service internet security suit. Currently, we have access to multiple internet security suits. So, choose the one which provides real-time security against malware, phishing, ransomware, viruses, etc.

Keep your OS and Software Updated

Always use a licensed Operating System. Pirated OS can’t be updated and it’s a crime to use pirated software. Keep the automatic update feature turned on. Companies update their software regularly in order to get rid of any security threats, as cybercriminals often use known flaws and exploits to gain access to your system. However, regularly patching those exploits and flaws with updates can help you stay safe.

Talk to your Children regarding Cybercrimes

Educate your children about the proper use of the internet. However, that should be done without closing the communication channels. Always make sure that they come to you in case of online harassment, cyberbullying, and stalking. Also, it’s good to know that cybercrimes are often targeted towards children and cybercriminals often target them for identity theft. You can guard your children by being a bit mindful while sharing your child’s personal data.

So, these are the main points to look at, if you want to stay safe online. Also keep a closer look to your firewall system, as it can help to keep unwanted traffic at bay. Also, avoid taking any technical help online or offline if you are not sure of its source. A stranger can offer technical support and later they can plant a program on your computer and can monitor you remotely, which often leads to cybercrimes.

Also, if you run a company, train your employees to identify and react to any potential cybersecurity threats. Everyone in your company who has access to a computer should know how to recognize social media threats and identify phishing & other kinds of financial scams. Also, practicing safe internet habits, complying with local government, and industry regulation is the need of the hour. You must know that your employees often act as your first line of defense against cybercrimes. Sure! You have installed great antivirus software, firewall, anti-malware, etc. But at the end of the day, all of these are programs created by us, humans, and every program comes with some security exploit.

So, while these programs can help to a great extent, you’ll still have to depend on the human eye and sense for better protection from cybercrimes. Also, use a secure protocol for your website instead of any non-secure protocol. These secure protocols are possible through the use of SSL/TLS certificates, which authenticates businesses, and websites and helps to create an encrypted communication process that is popularly known as a TLS handshake.

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