Hemp VS Cotton: Which One is Better

The invention of hemp-based clothing has also started a new debate. Hemp VS Cotton: which one is better? Yes! I know you’ll say how can you even ask this question? Cotton still makes up the majority of clothes in anyone’s closet, and it has its own right, it’s cheap, comfortable, and widely available.

However, from the point we became conscious about the environmental impacts of cotton tree causes, numerous questions started arising. Cotton plants require extensive use of pesticides and agrochemicals. Additionally, it is also responsible for extensive water use, and habitat degradation.

On the other hand, hemp advocates claim this plant can be magical when it comes to solving environmental impacts. In this article, we will try to look into the debate that is brewing over the past decade Hemp VS Cotton: which one is better?

Hemp VS Cotton: Which is Better


Hemp Uses Less Water

Cotton uses 5280 gallons of water, just to produce cotton that weighs only 2.2 pounds, which is equivalent to a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Whereas hemp needs only 80 gallons of water, which mainly comes from rainwater to produce around 2 pounds of fiber.

Every 2000 pounds of fabric textile derived from hemp demands half the amount of land when compared to cotton. Additionally, one of the main disadvantages of growing cotton is it has a much longer growing period than hemp. So, this round of Hemp VS Cotton: which one is better goes to hemp.

Yes! Hemp is Much Stronger

This round of the debate between Hemp VS Cotton: which one is better goes to Hemp. Hemp fabric ages like fine wine, its fabric lasts much longer, wears less than cotton. As hemp is much stronger, it holds its shape for a long time and becomes softer with each wash. Fabrics made from hemp just breathe better offers better sun and UV protection, and are also anti-bacterial.

However, cotton fabric is very soft which is why cotton breaks quickly. Cotton also has a great ability to control moisture and provides great comfort. But! It’s hypoallergenic. Additionally, the massive use of chemicals has led to a loss of integrity in-hand feel of cotton.




Hemp-Based Health Products

We all know that cotton has little or no nutritional value. In some cases, consuming cotton can be highly risky. Whereas hemp-based CBD oil comes with a number of nutritional and health benefits. Now if you want to know how CBD works or why CBD could be the next big thing, you have you covered. We also have another article on 15 celebrities who use CBD oil. So, this round of Hemp VS Cotton: which one is better? Goes to hemp.

Hemp Enriches Land

Hemp has a considerable short growing period, and its root system help soil to improve its structure. Additionally, the entire hemp crop can be used easily. In some countries, hemp is also cleaning up nuclear radiation, some are lauding Hemp as the future of plastics.

On the other hand, while occupying 1% of US farmlands, cotton uses as much as 50% of all pesticides used in the US. This overuse of pesticides damages the soil severely and over time decreases the quality of land, thus affecting the crop.

So, in the end, one can easily come to the conclusion that hemp is the winner of this debate between Hemp VS Cotton: which one is better. But! Cotton is still widely available and it’s also cheaper compared to hemp-based clothing. On the other hand, hemp comes with a number of advantages like being a much stronger material than cotton, uses less water & land, hemp plants can also be used to produce hemp-based oils, and surprisingly it also reduces nuclear radiation.

Now! You have heard both the sides and on which side you are on?

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