5G and Its Truth: Top 5 Myths Debunked

The 5th generation of high-speed mobile data, also known as 5G, is now live in multiple locations of the UK, Australia, and the US. However, since the first day of rolling out this high-speed cell phone network, many misconceptions and confusion around the technology also took birth. One of the most alarming theories came up just in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic when few conspiracy theorists tried to like 5G with the spread of Coronavirus. As expected, this resulted in a massive uproar and people started to burning cell phone towers, and even people started to threaten broadband engineers. So, social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, and twitter scrambled into action to stop the misinformation.

On the other hand, the  5th generation mobile network will have a massive impact on people’s lives across the planet and understandably people have many questions regarding this high-speed internet service. 5G will not only provide high-speed data, but a range of industries including autonomous vehicles, drones, IoT, and the health care industry will be benefitted due to its speed. According to experts, there will be as much as 1 billion 5G users by 2023.

So, here in this article, I’d like to debunk a few of the myths that are related to 5G.

Do I Need a New Phone?

It’s true that you’ll need a 5G phone to access a 5G network, but it doesn’t mean that you need a swanky new phone to reap all the speed benefits. With the rolling out of the new generation network, one may experience much faster speed with 4G. Additionally, the new generation network system isn’t replacing 4G networks completely. So, even if there’s 5G available in your area, your phone won’t be obsolete anytime soon, and that will work completely fine on existing 4G networks.


Will 5G Replace Broadband?

No! There won’t be many changes in-home broadband services. Broadband demise due to 5G is too exaggerated, even if the survey suggests to go completely wireless. 5G operates in a higher millimeter wave, which means it struggles in long distances and penetrating walls.

5G and Digital Divide

Even though 5G is being rolled out in a few of the countries, then switch over from 4G to 5G will be staggered and might take years. So, there’ll be few pockets where the new generation of the internet will work, but 4G will be in larger areas and it’ll take some time to completely replace 4G. Also, few of the rural areas of the country still lack any kind of internet, so expecting high-speed mobile data in those areas would be too much to expect. There’s a high chance that 5th generation cell phone network era can eventually widen the digital divide even more.

Can 5G Cause Cancer?

The biggest concern regarding 5G is, it is unsafe due to its radio frequency, and it will expose people to radiation, which can eventually lead to cancer. However, a direct link between cell phone tower radiation and cancer is quite complicated and it is often overstated.

According to research, there’s a steep increase in microwave absorption takes place at higher frequencies. Although the research wasn’t wrong, still the conspiracy theorists neglect the fact, that the research was conducted on exposed tissues, not on cells that are deep inside the human body. Also, the skin of our body can block higher radio frequencies, which wasn’t taken into account. Additionally, most of the nation often enforce strict regulations when it comes to radiation absorption. So, there’s very little to worry about.

Will 5G Impact Daily Life Massively?

Until 5G becomes mainstream, it would continue to drive various fundamental changes across various industries ranging from manufacturing to drones in the agriculture sector. Also, as demanded performing an entire surgery over the 5th generation mobile network isn’t going to be mainstream just now, and there’s a little doubt that it will completely revolutionize health care now.

Additionally, if you think that the latest generation of cell phone networks will help you to stream the best quality video content, then you might be wrong. Mostly because it depends on the video streaming service provider and its plan. If you have a basic SD plan from Netflix then there’s no way that you can watch your TV shows in high definition. You need to have premium plans for a premium viewing experience.

So, there’s little evidence that 5G will completely change our life and it’ll be massively usable over the existing 4G networks. The new generation network is still in its early days and will still take a few years of time to become mainstream.

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