7 Best Live Chat Software for Your Start-Up

Do you remember the late 90’s and early 2000’s? When we had chat clients like AOL and Yahoo messenger. These messenger services were at rage during that time. However, with growing competition from Google and others, these failed to compete. In 2017, Verizon acquired Yahoo messenger and was subsequently ended its operations on 17th July 2017 after a long 20 years run. With the death of Yahoo messenger, a vacuum was created in the space of desktop instant messaging clients because most of the chat services only provide a web-based version that are nowhere near to the Yahoo Messenger.

Then in late 2019, appeared coronavirus, and slowly the world went to a shutdown mode and people started working from home during this pandemic situation. And this pandemic situation eventually led to a growing demand for the best live chat software available amongst the start-ups to operate in a seamless manner.

The Best Live Chat Software for small start-ups:

It has been found most of the customers prefer to chat with a customer service executive rather than calling a company for any kind of support. As much as 41% of users expect various websites to offer live chat options. When it comes to the contact method, live chat scores way above the usual phone, social media, and email.

So, below is the list of the best live chat software, which may help you to choose one for your start-up;



The first app on our best live chat software list is Olark. It’s a complete live chat solution, which is mostly famous amongst small businesses and websites, who are new to the world of live chat. Olark also has an in-built CRM, which helps its users to store notes and transcripts. Additionally, the live chat transcripts are searchable on Olark making it easier to pull out customer data. Lastly, Olark integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, MailChimp, HubSpot, SalesForce, etc, which are the added advantage of using this app.



With more than 30,000 businesses using LiveChat for their customer support needs, it is one of the best live chat software available in the market right now. Additionally, LiveChat makes selling an easy affair with multiple features like AI automation, custom forms, product cards, and sales analytics. And you know what is the best part? All of these features are available during live chat sessions.



Currently, bots are in a rage, many of the small and medium organizations are using ChatBot. And rightly so, it gives the opportunity to scale the customer service department, that to without hiring any new operator. Also, setting up the first ChatBot is just a matter of a few minutes, which eventually helped to make it on our list of best live chat software available in the market currently.



Freshchat for enterprises is a very good chat client on its own, it also helps its users to scale their customer support team through various powerful integration and automation processes. Additionally, this one is GDPR compliant and its multi-tire data security model with end-to-end security makes it a highly secured chat client, on which clients can rely on without any worry.

Pure Chat


Those who are looking only for a live chat, can trust Pure Chat blindly. This is one of the best live chat software with an option to integrate with apps like Zoho, MailChimp, Salesforce, and Slack. This is great for a small business, which just have a few agents.



When it comes to the best live chat software for start-ups, one cannot ignore Chaport. This is an extremely versatile chat software for various organizations, who are looking to implement chat support, in order to complete more deals and scaling to the next level. Additionally, it has a free forever plan until you are ready to upgrade, which makes it quite a good deal.


BizTrailBlazer-Blog-LiveAgent-best live chat software-Software

The last but not the least is LiveAgent, the all in one live chat support software, that have the live chat facility and much more. This software helps to resolve various queries quickly, helps to increase the productivity level and helps to create various seamless customer experiences from a platform to the next one.

So, here are the current 7 best live chat software available for your start-up. Now you might ask, which one would be perfect for you? The answer would be, that depends on your needs. As most of the live chat software/clients offer free trials, I would suggest you try a demo version first in order to understand your need and choose accordingly.

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